What We Do

Build fast-growing companies

We build flexible companies with long term added value. While your growth accelerates, we guide you through the process. We challenge, build and create your future on the market.

Invest in meaningful companies

We are committed to investing in tomorrow´s tech startups in different sectors. Only curiosity, eagerness to experiment and drive to conquer the market counts.

Support enterpreneurs

The hardest thing is to start out. That´s why we organize start-up community events with the very best of investors, entrepreneurs and innovators. Connect, get discovered and collab.

Organize an exclusive and high-level events

We organize high-level events for startups, SMBs and corporations alike on national and international level accross the business, culture and sport.

Who We Are

LXVI is a business and investment firm in Prague, the Czech Republic that build fast-grow companies and invest in extraordinary technology startups and support entrepreneurs. We are sector agnostic: We invest in early-stage companies, across the consumers, retail, manufacturing, technology, enterprise and other spaces.


Invested Projects


Entrepreneurs in Community Networks

Do you want to build a Hyper-Growth company?

OUR PROCESS – How it works

The touch point.
Interested? Let us know via email office@lxvi.cz or call up for an appointment.
The Community events.
Be social and meet us at any start-up or business gathering we set up.
The Face to Face meeting.
Time to get personal. Let´s discuss the plan, the vision, the collaboration.
The Synchronicity.
As soon as we know where to go, we search for ways to get you there.
The Final Decision.
Does the LXVI factor work? Great. The proposal is ready, it´s time for growth.
The After care.
The stronger the bond, the better the outcome. We build your success story in time.
Let's talk

Our Clients

Clients are our business partners and we thrive to build long-term mutual relationship and improve their companies, projects so they can achieve its the highest potential.


“Humans grow linearly, Companies grow exponentially.” Think 10X

—   Khalid Halim


Our Portfolio


Startup Disrupt Client Everconn.AI Date June 12, 2022 Services Automation, Digitalization, Voicebot, Chatbot Website www.everconn.ai/ Our Role In process EverConn.AI is a business, consulting and design company assisting in the transition to AI and automation. EverConn.AI offers the company an unprecedented ability to increase revenue and reduce costs through more automation and machine-driven intelligent predictions.

Startup Disrupt

Startup Disrupt Client Startup Disrupt Date March 1, 2020 Services Community Building, Event Management, Organization, Promotion, Corporate Innovation Website www.startupdisrupt.com Our Role In process Startup Disrupt originated in Czech Republic and has been build by people from the largest global entrepreneur communities. It is a global platform for entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors and innovation managers.


AnoNO Client AnoNO Date November 10, 2019 Services E-commerce, Nutritional Supplements Website www.anono.cz Our Role Invested Project AnoNO.cz operates as an e-shop, which sells high-quality healthy products for you and your family. Do you want to build a Hyper-Growth company? {{ vc_btn: link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.lxvi.cz%252Fcontact%252F%7Ctitle%3AGet%2520in%2520touch%7C%7C&title=Let%E2%80%99s+Grow&style=flat&gradient_color_1=turquoise&gradient_color_2=blue&gradient_custom_color_1=%23dd3333&gradient_custom_color_2=%23eeee22&gradient_text_color=%23ffffff&custom_background=%23ededed&custom_text=%23666&outline_custom_color=%23666&outline_custom_hover_background=%23666&outline_custom_hover_text=%23fff&shape=rounded&color=theme_style_2&size=md&align=right&button_block=true&add_icon=true&i_align=right&i_type=fontawesome&i_icon_fontawesome=stm-lnr-chevron-right&i_icon_openiconic=vc-oi+vc-oi-dial&i_icon_typicons=typcn+typcn-adjust-brightness&i_icon_entypo=entypo-icon+entypo-icon-note&i_icon_linecons=vc_li+vc_li-heart&i_icon_monosocial=vc-mono+vc-mono-fivehundredpx&i_icon_material=vc-material+vc-material-cake&i_icon_pixelicons=vc_pixel_icon+vc_pixel_icon-alert }}

How to build and lead a successful startup?

Listen to the stories of 4 women who stood behind their dream and have successfully built their startup or company from scratch. What is behind their success?

Soňa Jonášová – Zakladatelka Institutu Cirkulární Ekonomiky

Téma obnovitelné a udržitelné světové ekonomiky je čím dál, tím víc aktuálním tématem ve světě firem a startupů. Své o tom také ví také Soňa Jonášová, zakladatelka a ředitelka Institutu Cirkulární Ekonomiky.

Michal Pechoucek (CTO, Avast): Prague as AI Superhub

Michal Pechoucek joined Avast as CTO in September 2019. Mr. Pechoucek leads the core technology and R&D teams. Recently Mr. Pechoucek co-founded the prg.ai initiative aiming to transform Prague into world-class AI super hub.


What is the definition of hypergrowth?

Regarding HBR is the hypergrowth „the steep part of the S-curve that most young markets and industries experience at some point, where the winners get sorted from the losers.“ The World Economic Forum says companies need to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of greater than 40%. In contrast, “rapid growth” companies are defined as having a CAGR of between 20% and 40%, while “normal growth” companies have CAGRs of less than 20%. At LXVI we, we refer to that “steep part of the S-curve”. It’s a phase were companies trying to grow as much they can and achieve the top of the curve and then ride on it. The majority of companies, get wiped out, or they will change the course. As hypergrowth companies, you can think about Slack, Mailchimp, etc.

What companies are you building?

We are building companies that can ride up and over the S-curve in the short run. So they are flexible, can act upon the market situation and leverage it. We believe if companies are flexible enough to act in the right time they can be successful in long term and be the added value to customers.

What do you focus on when evaluating companies?

We look at the overall picture of the project in which we are interested in the size of the market, team, product, go-to-market strategy, how they want to achieve it (at what time, for what finance, etc.) and synergy with our portfolio companies. We need to see founders‘ commitment, trustworthiness, will to tighten things to the end and be the active business partner.

How does cooperation or the investment process look like?

First, of all, we want to meet with company representatives or founders so we can gather all important information about the company or project – pitch deck, financial plan, business plan, product demo, etc. We also request the market specifics and product details. Once we decided that cooperation makes sense on both sides we will proceed with the next steps. All processes will be as fast as possible because we know that timing is an important essence in building a successful company.

How do you support portfolio companies?

We already built, acquired and exited successfully from some companies so we are bringing on board our own expertise and competence across the consumers, retail, manufacturing, technology, enterprise, and other spaces.

We have strong competence in different business areas and connection to other professionals in business, technology, investment, and others. We know that building a company is about the right people, talents who are passionate and competent to build it with you.

Also, we are well connected with all our portfolio companies and its highly skilled people who are here to share their experience and knowledge too.

How do you support the startup community?

We are official organizers of Startup Grind community events in the Czech Republic where we host the most successful entrepreneurs, technology innovators and investors to share their knowledge and experience with local founders, SMB owners, corporate representatives, and others. Besides, we organize mentoring sessions, female leaders events, startup pitch nights and university lectures all around the Czech Republic.

Where and when can I meet the LXVI Team?

You can meet us at Startup Grind events in the Czech Republic and besides we spend a large part of our time attending conferences and other startup events. So there are plenty of opportunities to meet with any of our team members. If you would like to speak to us, feel free to contact us via email and we’ll schedule a call or face to face meeting.

How can I join the LXVI Team?

It’s simple. Send an email to office@lxvi.cz, telling us about yourself. We are looking for talents to our team and portoflio companies, from entry level roles to  CxO positions in one of our portfolio companies.

Our Partners

We are partnering with one of the best technology and business communities, accelerators and incubators in the world to inspire, educate and connect entreprenuers.


Do you want to build a Hyper-Growth company?