MyCom Solutions
January 9, 2014
Cloud services, Infrastructure as a Service, IT Outsourcing, Cyber Security, IT Backup
Our Role
Investor, Exited August 25, 2016

MyCom Solutions was founded in early 2009 by a small group of experts to focus exclusively on IT solutions in the form of complex cloud services. It was a reaction to the crowded Czech market by outsourcing companies that provided their services in an outdated and uncomplex way.

This goal has been achieved and MyCom Solutions has maintained its narrow, specialized kind of high-end service business, as confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers.

We continue to maintain the IT service delivery trend and intend to continue because we believe that it is better to provide less services of the highest quality than absolutely everything related to IT, but of poor quality.

At the end of 2014, we added new experts to the team and moved to larger premises. In the future, we intend to improve the quality and expansion of cloud services.

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