February 11, 2019
Innovation Bootcamp, Workshops, Prototyping Sessions
Our Role

Intensive practically oriented 2 days training camp for innovation, strategy, product and service development managers.

Innovation managers face an overwhelming challenge: to come „in a minute“ with new ideas without risk. Centuries-old businesses are rapidly digitalizing and adopting a startup culture. How to master this imperative? What skills to learn? How to build a team? What to develop inside and what to purchase outside? How to convince the board? And where can it be painlessly tested?

We built InnoCamp on the basis of meetings with business people who lack quality training on the Czech market focusing on real cases from everyday practice under the guidance of mentors experienced in successful innovation projects in corporations and startups.

We have decided to use a Bootcamp format, a military-style camp that will equip you with fundamental techniques in less than two days so that you and your team can handle every innovation mission anywhere in the world.

Do you want to build a Hyper-Growth company?